Pictures Of Kenya People Lifestyles

The pictures below depict pictures of Kenya people lifestyles and places. They come in three parts. The first part is a portrait of a community in Tana River County.

The second part is a portrait of a community living at the shores of Lake Victoria of Nyanza region.

The third part shows a Taita woman working on African pottery in Taita Taveta.

Grandma with his grandson

Above picture shows a grandma with Dabaso his grandson in Madogo, Tana River County.

A young Kenyan woman

A young Kenyan woman of the Sanya community.

Kenyan woman with her grandchild

This Kenya picture shows a woman with her grandchild.

A kenyan man in a goats pen

This Kenyan man poses for a picture with goats.

A sanya family of Tana River County

Part of the family together in their homestead in Madogo, Tana River County.

The below part shows pictures of an early morning fish delivery and market activity in Asati beach of Lake Victoria, Kisumu.

fishing in Lake Victoria

Above picture: Early morning in Asati beach of Lake Victoria, where people gather to buy fish from the fishermen for onward market in other places.

Asati beach-fish market

The fish market and delivery point of Asati beach.

Boy draws water in Lake Victoria

A boy draws water for fish preparation in Asati beach of Lake Victoria.

Women sorting fish in Lake Victoria

Women sorting fish at the shores of Lake Victoria.

Kenya Children carrying fish in Lake Victoria

Children carry bucket loads of fish on their heads.

A 14-seater Nissan Matatu in Kisumu

Loading of loads of fish and passengers boarding a Matatu at the shores of Lake Victoria.

The Pictures of Kenya People below show work on African pottery in Taita Taveta. This is part of traditional life within the Taita community of the the Kenya people. 

A Taita woman involved in African pottery

A Taita woman molding an African pot.

African pots made by a Taita woman

African pots drying after being molded.

Preparing African pots for kilning

Readying the pots and firewood for kilning.

Ready African pots in Taita Taveta

Ready African pots after kilning in Taita Taveta County.

The above pictures is the work and copyright of Danson Kibandiko. He's a Kenyan professional documentary photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya.

His work has taken him to almost all the corners of our country while working with various Non-Governmental Organizations.

For any feedback or if you would like to get in touch with Danson, please do so here.

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