Nyama Choma Is Kenya's Most Popular Social Delicacy

Nyama Choma (Kiswahili for roast meat) is a Kenyan delicacy eaten in large quantities in many Kenyan social celebrations and festivities.

Roast meats range from goat, lamb, roast beef, chicken, and various wild animals.

It's a huge part of Kenyan Cuisines.And many Kenyan family get-together events are not complete without this delicacy.

In many instances whole goats are roasted.

Roast meat is commonly roasted over a hot open fire made from burning charcoal or firewood in the rural areas.

The succulent roast meat is then cut into chunks and served in trays of one mode or the other.

Nyama choma - roast goat meat in preparationNyama Choma delicacy roasting in open fire

Some people use bare hands and eat from the same source as opposed to individual platters creating a special bond among the group.

Nyama (meat in Kiswahili) is a staple food in pastoral communities like the Maasai.

The Nyama Choma Craze Is An Ingrained Tradition

There are many dates, social and business meetings revolving around this delicacy in Kenya.

These take place in eating places and clubs, over alcoholic drinks and sometimes music played by live bands.

Eating houses offering roast goat meats, kuku choma (roast chicken) and fish are common in all the major cities and towns.

These foods are accompanied with the popular Ugali, Kienyeji (Mukimo), and French Fries (potato chips) with salads.

This craze sees thousands of Kenyans trooping to the clubs, restaurants and family get-together events over the weekends and public holidays.

They consume thousands of goats, sheep, chicken and cows in the form of roast meat. They drink thousands of litres of alcohol and soft beverages.

There are also restaurants that specialize in nyama offerings, albeit in a smaller way.

These are strategically placed near major bus and matatu terminus.

Roast goat meat in an open fire

They cater for busy individuals and people in transit from one town to the other and don’t serve alcohol as the big restaurants and clubs.

Upmarket Roast Meat Experience

On the upmarket is the Carnivore, a meat specialty restaurant of the Tamarind group in Nairobi. The Carnivore roasts whole joints of meat-legs, spare ribs, of lamb and pork, beef, ostrich, chicken, and crocodile. All this and more are roasted on traditional Maasai swords over a huge, spectacular charcoal pit.

If in Nairobi try the roast meat dining experience at the Carnivore restaurant.

This Kenyan delicacy is mostly eaten in a group of two to groups of tens of people in the usual Kenyan style.

Some ordinary choma clubs have over ten vendors catering to the heavy appetite of revelers frequenting them.

Whereas there are other meat preparation preferences, Nyama Choma still stands king to them all.

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