Rich Heritage At The Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is where you come in touch with Kenya’s heritage. This is documented through history, culture, art and nature. 

This is the main National Museum of Kenya.

It is also the headquarters of the Kenya National Museums, Sites and Monuments spread across the country.

The museum houses various permanent and temporary exhibitions taking you through the rich Kenyan heritage.

The Nairobi National Museum, housing Kenya's rich cultural heritage

The Attractions Include Several  Exhibitions

Going through the museum is a fascinating journey into Kenya’s rich heritage.

There’s so much to learn and experience about the history and the natural heritage of our country.

You can do this alone, as a couple, with friends, or a family with kids.

A visit to the Nairobi National Museum and the Snake Park is one visit that you should take to experience the rich Kenyan heritage.

Birds Of East Africa is an exhibition that has a rich diversity of birds in East Africa.

Calabashes from Ukambani showing Kenya's Heritage

These stuffed birds are in various colors and sizes, and this gallery is their home now. They make for an interesting experience as you meet and get to know them.

Birds of East Africa at the museum

Cradle of Humankind is a unique collection that traces human existence as evidenced by fossil findings across Kenya.

This gallery’s collection takes you way back in ancient times, not only for Africans but for mankind as a whole.

The ancient fossils point to Kenya as the Cradle of Mankind.

Hall of Mammals depicts the Kenya Safari with a representation of the big five as well as other mammals found in the Kenyan wilds.

This is also an exciting exhibition of the rich Kenyan heritage over the years.

The Ahmed Courtyard is where you get up close with Ahmed of Marsabit, a life size cast of Ahmed the African elephant found in Marsabit, North Kenya. It’s a fascinating place that has people take pictures with loved ones and Ahmed.

Cast of Ahmed the African Elephant  of Marsabit

There are local and international Temporary Exhibitions that come and go.There could be multiple temporary art or photo exhibitions at any given time.

So be sure to check out what’s on offer during your visit.

Snakes at the Nairobi Snake Park

The Nairobi Snake Park is found within the grounds adjacent to Nairobi National Museums and most visitors tour the Snake Park too.

The Snake Park incorporates a Snake study centre and is surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden.

There are other reptiles apart from snakes and birds to see at the Snake Park.

A visit to the Nairobi National Museum isn't complete without visiting the Nairobi Snake Park and experiencing the reptiles in there.

A Snake at the Snake Park in the Nairobi National Museum

A Refreshing Visit To The Nairobi National Museum

Pictures of Kenyan People at the Nairobi National Museum

Your visit can be stimulating in various ways.

The permanent and temporary exhibitions, the serene environment, and the Snake Park.

And the Botanical Gardens, the Gift Shop, Restaurant, and nature trail, all make for a great experience.

You only have to choose any or a combination of some.

There are benches where you can sit and chat, or read a book or whatever makes you happy.

The Nairobi National Museum and the Snake Park are ideal places to visit for leisure or study.

Need To Know

The Museum is located at the Museum Hill; approximately 10 minutes drive from the Nairobi City centre.

It is accessible both by public and private transport.

It is open from 8:30am - 5:30pm, 7 days a week, and everyday of the year including all public holidays.

Entry Charges

Kenyan citizens: Adult Ksh 200, Child Ksh 100
Residents: Adult Ksh600, Child, Ksh 400
Non Residents: Adult Ksh 1200, Child Ksh 800
Prior Booked Education Groups: Primary and Secondary Schools Students Ksh 50
College Students: Ksh 100

The museum offers a 25% discount for a combined package ticket for the Main museum galleries and the Snake Park.

For more information visit the National Museum’s website 

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