Kenya Weather Varies From One Region To The Other

The Kenya weather is mainly good … it varies from the coastal areas to that of the Mt. Kenya highlands, as well some parts of the Rift Valley and the western parts of Kenya.

It’s also greatly different from that of the Northern Kenya, parts of the Rift Valley, Eastern region and others that exhibit arid or semi-aridness conditions.

If visiting, it’s good to plan your safari – holiday or tour to coincide with favorable weather conditions depending on your goals.

Kenya Climate is Good in Most Places

Kenyan climate varies from region to region … You might find numerous counties experiencing the same weather patterns and in some cases extreme patterns even when close to each other.

The Kenya climate is desirable in many ways. It’s possible to find a region that has summer-like weather all-year round.

It’s also possible to experience bitter cold in a particular region for months on end each year.

There are also areas that have extremely hot climatic conditions all-year round. These are the arid or semi-arid areas.

Nairobi is one of the regions that have cool Kenya weather for most part of the year.

The Kenyan coast at the Indian Ocean is one area that’s favored by many visitors and expatriates for its summer like climate.

This makes it attractive to tourists and for those who would want to own a beach holiday house.

In all instances Kenya weather passes as one that is both favorable for various things including … but not limited to tourism and travel.

This is more so if you intend to visit the national parks and game reserves … some roads and areas become impassable during rainy seasons.

Some regions of the country experience heavy rainfall … while others remain sunny and dry most of the time.

Winter in Kenya

Wintry weather in Kenya appear like nothing compared to the wintry conditions of some western countries … and you certainly don’t have to shop for special winter clothes.

Cold weather elements are only rampant in a few regions of the country … with the majority of the nation having balanced climate conditions.  

There are some areas like Limuru that have bitterly cold seasons – and are foggy most of the time.

Hot Climate

Hot climatic conditions are normal in the arid and semi-arid parts of the country … especially in the Northern Kenya – parts of the Kenyan Coast, parts of Rift-Valley and some parts of the Eastern region.

 This is rampant in the semi-arid areas of Rift Valley and the northern part of Kenya which is host to the Chalbi desert.

Rainy Seasons

Whereas the seasons have changed greatly from what they used to be … and it’s no longer accurately predictable when the rains would come.

The seasons remain largely the same with two rainy seasons. That’s the long rains followed by the short rains towards the end of the year.

Some regions or counties are dry most times of the year - and are wet for a short period of time during the rainy seasons … the rains don’t last as long as other places like the central highlands of Kenya and parts of Rift Valley, as well as the western region.

There are areas that experience heavy rainfalls and cool weather throughout the … and remain largely green.

The north eastern part of Kenya is mainly desert or semi-arid and is dry for the better part of the year.

Favorable Climate for Agribusiness

Some parts of the country are doing exemplary well in agribusiness … horticulture, and floriculture due to the cool and favorable climatic conditions.

The central highlands of Kenya experience a mainly high rainfall as well as sunshine that make it favorable for crops like the Arabica coffee and tea to do well.

Parts of rift valley are known for their fertile soils that make tea growing easy even when the rest of the country stays dry.

Other parts of the central rift valley are synonymous with large productions of maize (corn) and wheat.

This is made possible by the favorable weather in those regions. It’s also as a result of the high rainfall that makes it possible, combined with the fertile soils in these areas.

Kenya Weather Favors the Wild

In some of the wild places that are habited by the Kenya animals and that make up some of the game reserves, private conservancies and national parks … the climate is somehow hot and sunny most of the time …

Although these areas receive plenty of rain during the rainy seasons … it’s not prolonged like in some areas where cultivation of cash crops is the norm.

All-in-all the climatic elements in Kenya are good. You can find out about the Kenya weather by following this link for a five day forecast or for the period you are in Kenya.

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