The Kenya People

The Kenya People are made up of 42 tribes and various sub-tribes. These belong to three major groups of the African people. They are the Bantu, Nilotes, and Cushites.

Among these are the Kikuyu (Agikuyu) ethnic group, who are the most populous of all. The colorful Maasai, and Samburu renown for their traditional African cultural practices.

There are other Kenyan people of a different descent like Indians, Europeans, and Arabs, that make a small percentage of the general population.

Kikuyu Elders at Riuki Cultural Center

African People

Kenyans are representative of the African people. This is evident in the lifestyles, cuisine, and ethnic African languages that are spoken by the various tribes of Kenya.

Kenyan people are warm and hospitable and live in various settings from the urban cities and towns, to rural areas.

Famous People From Kenya

There are many famous people from Kenya. Of the well-known Kenyans are political leaders, sports persons, entertainers, and people who have performed greatly in various fields of life.  

Kenya People Population

Kenya’s population stood at over thirty eight million people (38,610,097), according to a 2009 Census results.

The Kikuyu tribe lead in numbers, with over 6 million, followed by the Luhya at 5 million plus.

The Kalenjin came in third with slightly less than 5 million people. It was followed by the Luo at 4 million people, and the Kamba (Akamba), completing the top five most populous tribes at close to 4 million people.

Some of the least numbers of ethnic groups stand at less than a hundred thousand people.

Indigenous Kenya Languages

Most of the Kenya people speak in Kenya ethnic languages. Each ethnic group’s language falls under three major groups of the African people.

The family of tribes also shapes the various African languages spoken in a certain region.

The tribe members of the Bantu, Nilotes, and Cushites speak in closely related languages, in each individual group.

It’s easier for a Bantu to understand another tribe’s language, which falls under the same main group. This also applies to the Nilotes, and Cushites tribe members of the same group.


  • Kikuyu (Agikuyu) is the largest indigenous group of the Kenya People
  • Meru
  • Swahili
  • Kamba (Akamba)
  • Taita
  • Luhya
  • Mijikenda
  • Kisii (Gusii)
  • Embu


  • Luo
  • Turkana
  • Samburu
  • Kalenjin
  • Pokot
  • Maasai


  • Borana
  • Rendille
  • Somali

The people of Kenya are an enterprising lot engaged in various fields of business and industries.

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