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These Kenya News stories are gathered by Google and Yahoo from diverse sources from around the world.

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The first section is a highlight of Google news from global sources

Second is Yahoo news, from various news sources from around the world

In the third section you search for Kenya news using Google’s custom search. This enables you to get results on your given topic from three leading Kenya newspapers.

Fourth section is where you have your say on any news story that you have about Kenya Africa.

It’s also the place where you give your comments on any of the other Kenya news story that you read from this page.

Google's Kenya News From Worldwide Sources


Yahoo's Kenya News From Global Sources

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Kenya News From Leading Local Dailies

This section is a dedicated place for you to use Google to custom search Kenya news, from three leading Kenya newspapers.

These are the Daily Nation newspaper, East African Standard, and the Business Daily that reports on matters related to business.

The results bring back the latest and archived Kenya news that go several years back in time.

Your results will open in a new window. You can delete the search term by clicking the X (close button) in its top right corner.

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