Kenya Food Deliciousness Revealed

Some Kenya foods have been in existence since ancient Africa days. Others are a blend of traditional, modern, and foreign influences from around the world.

Indigenous Kenyan foods results from the geographical area and the tribes inhabiting them. Githeri is an indigenous food and is most popular among the Kikuyu community.

Some popular Kenyan cuisines include Ugali (maize or corn meal), Nyama choma (roast meat), Irio, and Mukimo (kienyeji), Fish, Rice, Pilau, Sukumawiki (Kale), Cabbages.

Others are Sweet potatoes (Ngwaci), arrowroots (Nduma), mandazi, cassava and Chapati among others.

These Kenyan and African cuisines are sometimes made with a modern twist.

Traditional Kenya Food

Traditional Kenya foods and vegetables are in high demand with those eating healthy meals.

They are found in their native areas of origin and restaurants that specialize in traditional cuisines elsewhere.

Chai (tea), Uji (porridge), and Kenya coffee are some of the main hot beverages used widely in the country.

Githeri is a staple Kenya food of the Kikuyu ethnic group

Nyama choma (roast meat) is widely appreciated in the country. It’s prepared and served in many parties and most alcohol drinking places.

Fish is mainly related with the Luo community living around Lake Victoria and the Turkana tribe’s people inhabiting Lake Turkana area.

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Roast Goat Meat - Nyama Choma (A Kenyan Delicacy)

Chicken is also taken widely, but is identifiable with the Luhya community of western Kenya.

Almost every tribe has a staple Kenyan food. Some are closely related and cut across several communities. The indigenous staple foods are served regularly in the rural areas.

These are available in restaurants that specialize in traditional cuisines in the cities.

There are certain Kenyan cuisines that go well as breakfast, a snack, and can also be made into a main meal.

Kenya Africa food has many recipes to its name.

It’s mostly possible to sample traditional African cuisine while enjoying and interacting with traditional Africa culture in the country.

In the larger scope Kenyan food has a global influence and follows modern trends in the cities and main towns.

Kenya Food And Recipes

International cuisines are available in leading hotels and restaurants. Some African game meat is offered alongside other meats in some select restaurants.

You can also find restaurants that specialize in French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Brazilian cuisines as well as from other countries of the world.

For all the food lovers out there, bring your taste buds and indulge in the African cuisines made out of Food from Kenya.

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