Kenya Food Pictures

These Kenya Food Pictures shows various foods and food related pictures. They are derived from day-to-day activities and from various places here in my beloved country Kenya.

It's my pleasure to keep on adding more Kenya Food pictures as the days go by.

Below Pic: Arrow roots (Nduma) and a few pieces of Sweet potatoes (Ngwaci) ready to be served.

These are traditional Kenya foods found among some of the Kenya tribes.

Nduma - Arrowroots

Below pic: Ugali is a staple food in Kenya. It's made from from corn meal. And it is easy to make. This is a popular Kenyan Cuisine.

Ugali - a Kenyan staple food

Below pic: Pieces of Sweet-potatoes (Ngwaci).

Ngwaci - Sweet potatoes

Below pic: Irio - Traditional Kenyan food of the Kikuyu tribe.


Below pic: Kenyan Food served in an African wedding at the Masai Lodge.

Serving Kenya Food in an African Wedding

Chapati is a popular delicacy of the Kenya food in some areas of our country. It's common in the urban areas and a rare delicacy in the rural areas.

It's big on holidays like, Christmas, Easter, the New Year and other public holidays. Chapati is a common Kenya food in many family get-together events.

Chapati - A Kenyan food

Below pic: Rice served on to a plate.

Kenyan food - rice

Right Picture: Cooking Kenya food on a traditional stove

Kenya Food cooking

Below pic: A lovely pancake. Pancakes are taken for breakfast or with afternoon tea here in Kenya.

Pancake is also a part of Kenyan cuisines

Below pic: Roast goat meat in preparation on an open fire. Nyama Choma is a popular social delicacy of the Kenyan Food.

Nyama Choma in an open fire grill

Below pic: Fried fish, a Kenyan cuisine from the Tana (Sagana) River sold to motorists at a road stop along Nyeri-Nairobi road.

Fish sold to travellers at Sagana

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