Unique Kenya Culture and Colorful Traditions

The vibrant Kenya Culture is a blend of diverse ethnic subcultures. It’s influenced by ancient Africa customs and traditions, with modern beliefs and values making it uniquely Kenyan.

Some Kenyan ethnic communities have held on to their early African cultural practices while others have since drifted to modern practices.

These have provided colorful traditions and a rich cultural heritage.

This is expressed in the people’s way of life as pertains to their food, arts, music, and cultural interaction with one another.

From the ones who value ancient traditions to the ones who value modern beliefs.

There’s a big divide in some instances from one tribe to the other.

Some ethnic communities have held on to their early African cultural practices while others have since drifted to modern practices.

The Maasai, Samburu, and Turkana are widely known for holding on to their traditional culture.

This is unlike the Kikuyu and other Kenyan tribes who have mainly embraced modern cultural values.

Maasai Morans applying red ochre on their bodies

There are still bits and pieces of Ancient Africa culture and traditional customs existing in many other Kenya tribes.

Interacting With The Culture Of Kenya

These fascinating cultures and subcultures can be viewed from different angles. This depends on the cultural landscape in the several regions of the country. It differs from the Kenya Coast to the Central highlands, to that of the Rift Valley and pastoralism communities.

Cultural travel is one way of interacting with Kenya and Africa culture and its subcultures. Local village visits is one way of experiencing traditions and ethnic cultures firsthand.

Suzzana Owiyo playing Nyatiti-an African Musical Instrument

There are cultural centers and organizations that showcase traditional dances, folklore, the arts, theater, African music and musical instruments and film festivals.

Bomas Of Kenya: Home Of Kenya Culture

The Bomas of Kenya is a national institution that helps in enlightening visitors and locals alike on the ancient Africa cultures in Kenya. Located in Nairobi city, Bomas of Kenya works to give you an experience of the Kenya culture without you having to go to the local areas for the same.

Boma is a Swahili word denoting homestead, hence bomas since they are many creating a village representing various Kenya tribes and their cultures. You interact with different tribes and their way of life, artifacts, food, and cultural shows on a daily basis.

Make the Bomas of Kenya one of the attractions to visit while in Nairobi and learn more about the ancient Kenya culture.

Kenya Languages

English and Swahili are the official languages of Kenya. Various local dialects commonly known as mother tongue are spoken in rural areas. Sheng is a language mostly spoken by urban youths. It’s a mixture of English, Swahili and a bit of local dialects.

National Policy On Culture

The Kenya government assures the protection and promotion of culture and cultural diversity among Kenyans. It has come up with a National Policy on Culture and Heritage. Cultural relativism plays an important role in bringing communities together and unifying the nation.

The diversity of Kenya culture can often be identified by different traditional and modern ways of life. These are evident in the Kenya people’s food, fashion, artifacts, cultural festivals and the way they interact. Most of the urbanites have long adopted modern lifestyles or western culture.

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