Diverse Aspects Of Kenya Coffee

Kenya coffee is one of the world’s richest in quality. You may have taken this specialty coffee in your favorite coffeehouse or office.

You may also have brewed it in your home.

It's popular for its high quality aroma, acidity, body, flavor and roast.

Kenya boasts high quality Arabica coffee production.

Starbucks uses high quality Arabica coffee, and they source some of their single origin coffees from Kenya.

Kenya AA is the highest grade based on bean size and freedom from physical defects.

There’s a small production of Robusta coffee growing in low altitude areas.


Kenya is a major coffee producer ranking in the top 20 coffee exporters in the world.

Only 1-2% of over 40,000 metric tonnes of coffee produced yearly is drunk locally.

Two thirds of this production comes from small-holder farmers estimated at around 700,000.

It's easy to buy Kenya coffees from specialty coffee roasters and suppliers.

Kenya coffees are easily available at a store near you or from online retailers. If in Kenya you can buy your coffee at some of the coffee shops or leading supermarkets.

Kenya CoffeeCoffee in a cup on top of coffee beans


The history of Coffee in Kenya dates back to the late 1800's. Scottish missionary John Paterson introduced it. Documents show 1893 as the year coffee was first planted.

It was sowed in Kibwezi, near Mombasa. The first crop was reaped in 1896. Since then, Kenya coffee has become one of the world's most sought after.

Kenya Coffee Drinking Culture

The coffee drinking culture In Kenya is small or restricted to major urban areas.

It’s usually a preserve of the cultured and exposed folks. That is the middle and upper class market.

Some Kenyan communities living in Mombasa drink traditionally brewed espresso daily.

Many small-holder farmers have never tasted their end product as they can't afford it.

Coffeehouses And Shops

Kenya has seen the rise in quality coffee shops as well as brands in the past ten years or so. This is driven by the rising demand occasioned by a growing middle class in Kenya.

Nairobi has many quality coffee shops in the city center and most upmarket areas.

Kenya coffeeCappuccino and Black Forest cake at the Nairobi Java House - Kimathi Street Branch, Nairobi

Notable chic coffeehouses include the Nairobi Java House, Artcaffe, Urban Grind, Gibsons and Dormans.

Many romantic dates and business meetings take place over coffee in the chic coffeehouses.

My Coffee Story

My early days’ experience of coffee wasn’t a pleasant one unlike now.

I grew up tending to my father's coffee trees ... that he inherited from my grandfather.

That was over thirty years ago.

Picking the coffee cherries is one chore that I hated with a passion ... especially when it rained .. like during the December school holidays.

Hauling the cherries to the coffee factory was one daunting task.

We sometimes carried the sacks of coffee cherries on our backs … and at times used wheelbarrows whenever the road wasn’t impassable due to rains.

Although I wouldn't pass as a coffee connoisseur, I like my daily coffee fix.

I’m enjoying my cup of Dormans coffee as I write the first draft of this article.

I don’t remember the last time I had tea. Lol!

Kenya is a tea drinking nation and is one of the leading tea exporters in the world.

Coffee Producers and Roasters

Small-holder farmers sell their coffee through cooperative societies. 

While the large estate farmers sell their coffee on their own.

Dormans coffee is one of the local roasters and exporters with immense experience. 

High quality Arabica green coffee beans are available for export.

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