Githeri Is A Kenyan Cuisine Of The Kikuyu People

Githeri is the staple food for the Kikuyu community. It’s normally made of a mixture of maize and beans. It is consumed as is or mixed together with vegetables, and potatoes.

It’s also mashed together with potatoes or green bananas, and green pumpkin leaves to achieve the famous Mukimo.

Although it is most popular amongst the Kikuyu people, other Kenya people consume it, not as lunch or dinner, but as an in between meal or snack.

This cuisine is readily found in most rural Kikuyu homes.

It is also available in restaurants in the urban areas where the Kikuyu people are dominant.

This Kenya food is traditionally cooked in an earthen pot, though modern saucepans (Sufurias) are used in both the rural and urban areas.



  • Maize (preferably green) shelled
  • Beans (green / dry)
  • When using dry beans, it’s necessary to soak them overnight to lessen cooking time.


  • Measure 2 parts of beans to 1 part of maize
  • Pick / select to remove impurities
  • Wash and rinse nicely ensuring the water becomes clear
  • Place in a saucepan with enough water and boil till tender – approximately two and a half hours.
  • When beans are done and tender remove and drain.
  • Fry onions in a saucepan and add tomatoes.
  • Add Githeri and cook for 5min, season with with salt and spices of your choice, e.g curry powder & Royco and serve.
  • Best served with steamed cabbage or fried spinach.

The Kikuyu community is known for one pot casserole dishes and at times this is fried together with Irish potatoes and carrot to make a delightful meal.

Githeri is sometimes consumed as is, or mixed together with vegetables, carrots and potatoes.

It’s also consumed as a side dish together with rice and vegetables in the urban areas. Also it’s mashed with pumpkin leaves and potatoes to make Mukimo, also popular as a main dish and best served with vegetables or beef stew. To serve 5 – use ¼ kg maize (green) and ¾ kg dry beans.

Recipe provided by Cynthia Kamau and pictures by Isaac Miriri.

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