Facts About Kenya

Facts about Kenya are the things that make her a notable country in the heart of Africa. This page highlights some factual aspects of the fabric that make her.

Kenya leads in many fronts and is East Africa’s business hub.

Although Kenya leads in various ways, she’s considered a developing country.

Africa facts are what inform some Kenya facts.

These are evident in the similarities within some African countries.

Some facts involve similarities in Africa cultures, languages, cuisines, tourism attractions, among other things. Political leadership is also affected by this.

Kenya coffee is part of over two billion cups of the global estimate drunk daily. Kenya produces high quality Arabica coffee with a distinct taste and aroma

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and the world’s safari capital. The Green City in the Sun is well-known for its sights and attractions. It’s also a major business destination in East Africa.

Basic Kenya Facts

  • Name: Republic of Kenya
  • Population: 43.3 million (2012 UN estimate)
  • Capital: Nairobi
  • Official Languages: English, Swahili
  • Surface area: 591,383 sq km 
  • Currency: Kenya shilling
  • Major Religion: Christianity
  • Main Exports: Tea, Coffee, horticultural products
  • International dialing code: +254

 There are many national and international Public Holidays in Kenya.

Kenya Celebrates her public holidays on diverse dates of the calendar year.

Christmas in Africa is one of the popular Public Holidays in Kenya.

The Kenya Flag symbolizes Kenyan unity. It was officially adopted on Jamhuri Day of December 1963.

Kenya Flag

More Facts About Kenya

It’s a fact that Kenya well-known for her spectacular African Safari destinations.

Fact is Kenya animals are some of Africa’s finest wildlife. These animals include the famed big five.

The African cats and African elephants are among the notable animal attractions in Kenya.

Kenya is an ornithologist’s paradise.

It has lots of bird species and makes for great bird watching.  

The stunning annual Wildebeest Migration spectacle takes place at the Masai Mara game reserve. 

Birds nests at Masai Lodge

Visitors from various countries need a Kenya Visa. Visitors from some Commonwealth countries and the USA are exempt from this rule.

Apply for your visa at any Kenyan high commission or Embassy before traveling.

 This East African country lies in the middle of Equator. It neighbors five countries and the Indian Ocean on one side. This Map of Kenya shows the country as is.

Popular Kenya Sports

  • Rallying
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Volleyball

Kenyan Runners are some of the most known and celebrated the world over. They hold records in the middle and long-distance athletic races. This is in both senior and junior men and women teams.

Some Facts about Kenya are by extension Facts about Africa. Kenya has many common things and practices with other African countries.

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