Kenya Events And Festivals

This events and festivals page covers the main happenings in Kenya. The mostly annual events comprises of diverse activities that take place in different parts of the country.

These events range from cultural festivals … tourism and travel expos, sports, and fashion events.

Others include film festivals ... arts events and exhibitions, music festivals ... business conferences and expos, and so much more.

These events cover a large number of topics, in the life of the Kenya people and by extension the African society.

It also goes on to cover international matters in various fields.

Some Top Events And Festivals In Kenya

Cultural Festivals

  • Lamu Cultural Festival
  • Samburu Maralal International Camel Derby

  • Lake Turkana Cultural Festival
  • Kenya Art Fair

Sports Events ...

  • Safari sevens Rugby tournament
  • Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon
  • Safaricom Lewa Marathon
  • Masai Mara Marathon
  • Rhino Charge

Prestigious Events and Festivals

  • Africa Concours d’Elegance
  • Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA)
  • Kenya International Film Festival (KIFF)
  • Magical Kenya Travel Expo
  • Blankets and Wine - Nairobi

Other Notable Events

  • The African Fashion Fair
  • The Koroga Festival
  • Storymoja Festival
  • Nairobi International Book Fair
  • Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival

Kenya Events and Festivals

The Samburu Maralal International Camel Derby is one highlight of the year, held every August in Maralal Town of Samburu County.

The derby includes cultural activities ... camel races, cycle races, road race, peace run, a triathlon and fun activities. Also available is camel safaris and local visits.

Africa Concours d’Elegance is dubbed Kenya’s classiest motorsport event of the year. This annual event happens in Nairobi every September and attracts local, continental and international entries.

There are many activities in the Storymoja  Festival that brings together international writers and personalities to the Nairobi event in the last quarter of the year.

A notable event in the Kenya arts calendar is the Circle Art Auction … this is a Modern and Contemporary East African Art Auction held in Nairobi yearly.

Plenty Of Festivals And Events 

There’s always something taking place throughout the year.

This is by no means exhaustive of the Kenya events and festivals taking place in this country.

Other outstanding events are the public holidays in Kenya.

These come in different months of the year and vary in significance.

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