Christmas In Africa

Christmas in Africa is an exciting time of the year. It is the only time of the year that most African families come together to eat and make merry.

Kenya has a longstanding tradition of celebrating Christmas.

Buying new clothes for Christmas is one of the traditions that have continued over the years.

And people travel many miles upcountry to join family and friends for celebrations back home.

Christmas in Kenya is a high for businesses offering services in the clothing, transport, food, and entertainment sectors.

Slaughtering of goats, sheep, and chicken is the norm for folks celebrating Christmas in Africa’s upcountry part of Kenya.

Christmas with family and friends back home is a time to eat traditional meals in line with one’s tribe.

And for many urban folks, it’s their grandmother’s cuisine that means much as they are used to some of what their rural counterparts fancy.

Christmas In Africa Is About Food And Merrymaking

Nyama choma is one of the delicacies that are consumed in most households and entertainment venues.

Chapati is a common Kenya food in many family get-together events and Xmas is one of them.

For some, chicken, beef, mutton, and all the foods that are counted luxurious in rural standards is what makes the menu.

Though many folks go to church on Christmas day, others flock to the bars and entertainment venues to indulge in merry making.

Chapati is a valued delicacy in the Kenyan CuisineSeen here is a Chapati cooking in a griddle. It is a popular Kenyan cuisine made from wheat flour and consumed widely during Christmas Holiday in Africa

For the many people celebrating Christmas in the urban areas, their recreation involves going out in droves to the museums, recreational parks and flocking to entertainment spots that incorporate children’s activities.

For the affluent Kenyan members of society, Christmas in Africa is taking holidays in luxurious beach resorts, and the finest game and safari lodges.

All in all Xmas in Africa is celebrated in different styles. This depends on the socioeconomic makeup of the involved individuals.

Christmas In The Rural Area

For some rural folks, the day begins by going to church. After that its lunch, and lots of merry making as well as gatherings in most homesteads.

Another big thing is taking family portraits, where the village photographer does rounds in homesteads taking pictures of the families and their loved ones.

In the low income urban settlements, the families go for picture portraits at the local photo studio.

Xmas is a booming business time for this kind of photography.

With the advent of smart phones and many people affording to buy point and shoot digital cameras, taking family photos and recording these moments has become easy.

Christmas season in Africa is a time off for most employed people, whereas for some businesses this remains their most busy times of the year. In Kenya, Christmas holiday is marked with by many people trooping back to their ancestral homes upcountry. 

  • Christmas holiday times in Kenya range from a few days to about three weeks. This is guided by different companies and organizations policies on the same matter.
  • Christmas holiday includes Christmas and Boxing Days (December25 & 26 respectively), and New Year’s Day on January 1. 
  • December is also the month that Kenyans mark Jamhuri Day (Kenya’s Independence Day) on December 12. 

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