Christian The Lion

Christian the Lion is the story of a lion that lived in London and Africa. He lived both as a pet (domesticated lion) and in the African wild as the king of the jungle.

Christian’s story begins in 1969 in London when two young Australian men, Anthony ‘Ace’ Bourke and John Rendall bought a lion cub at Harrods and named him Christian.

Living with a lion as if it was a cat or a dog is as interesting, as well as intriguing, and mind-boggling as it can get.

Call them crazy, naive, or whatever you want, but you must admit these three friends story is unique and might never be replicated anywhere else.

 A Lion Called Christian - The Book

‘A Lion Called Christian’ the book tells his whole story. The book written by Ace and John details his life from a tender age in London, to his adult life in Kenya Africa.

The book is an easy and interesting read that takes you into the heart of Christian and his two friends’ life.

It is a detailed account of these friends touching story and has stunning pictures of Christian’s life in Europe and at the Kora National Park in Kenya.

Many people upon reading A Lion Called Christian have been inspired into wildlife preservation.

A Lion Called Christian Book

Enter George Adamson, the lion man of Kenya, who could easily pass for a lion whisperer in this day and age and you have an awe inspiring drama. He’s the one credited with rehabilitating Christian into the African wild.

Christian The Lion Film Documentaries

The true story of these three friends and their remarkable 1971 YouTube Reunion phenomenon has aroused much interest in the lives of the African lions.

There’s a documentary film titled The Lion From World's End on Christian's life at the King’s Road and elsewhere in England.

There's also another one titled Christian The Lion about his return to Africa, and his rehabilitation into the African wild by George Adamson.

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