Chapati Is A Popular Kenyan Cuisine

What’s Chapati to an ordinary local Kenyan? It's a popular country cuisine. Whether in rural or urban areas, locals here like it because it’s tasty and readily available in many local hotels and tea kiosks. 

Although Chapatti, originated from India over a century ago, Kenya has fully embraced it and made it one of her popular country cuisines.

Chapattis are a regular part of meals in many upper and middle Kenyan households as it’s affordable to them. This is different in many rural and low-income urban households. 

This group can however, get it from local hotels and tea kiosks.

It’s also made and sold on the roadside in some urban areas leading with Nairobi’s low-income and some lower middle-income areas.

For many in the rural areas and the urban poor this still remains a preserve of the rich.

In many instances Chapatti becomes a public holiday affair and mostly available during major public holidays in Kenya

Chappati is served as a lunch or dinner accompaniment in homes and restaurants. It’s also consumed together with tea in many local hotels and tea kiosks.

It’s mainly popular in many family get-togethers and major happy events like weddings.

Chapati is one of Kenya's favorite cuisineA Freshly Cooked Chapati

They are greatly consumed during major public holidays in Kenya's rural areas. Christmas in Africa is one major public holiday where heaps of this flat round bread is served with loads of chicken, beef, mutton, and fish among other cuisines.

It is a staple Kenya food in some areas of the country. Some prefer it white and others, especially the health conscious like it brown. 

The brown ones are made from whole-wheat flour. The white ones are made from refined wheat flour. 

Chapatis in a big bowl in Githunguri, KenyaPieces of Chapati in a big bowl at a family get-together

Chapati Recipe


  • Wheat Flour - 1kg
  • Warm or cold water
  • Salt - half a teaspoon
  • Sugar - 3 tablespoons (optional)
  • 2 eggs - (optional)
  • Milk - 5 tablespoons
  • Cooking oil or butter
  • Grated carrot (1) or a quarter piece of medium sized pumpkin (optional)
Chappati is one of Kenya's most popular cuisinesRolled raw Chappati ready for cooking


Put wheat flour, salt, and sugar into a mixing bowl. Add warm water and mix thoroughly to form soft and uniform dough.

Add one to two tablespoons of cooking oil or butter to the dough and knead it to uniformity.

Make the dough into small round balls and apply a little oil and roll into a thin round flat bread. Place the flat bread on a hot pan and cook by turning and applying some cooking oil until it turns to golden brown.

Serve hot. Chapattis can be served as a snack or an accompaniment in a main meal as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. More on Chapattis here.

Recipe and preparation method provided by Lucy Kariuki and pics by Isaac Miriri.

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