African Musical Instruments in Action

Africa is rich with traditional African Musical Instruments. The diverse musical instruments produce different sounds and are commonly used in various African cultures. Some of the popular African musicians use these instruments with great mastery.  

Below are pictures of African Musical Instruments being played by African musicians and performers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Of these are Kenya's Suzanna Owiyo using her signature Nyatiti musical instrument with her counterpart Ivorian Aly Keita with his Balafon. 

Kareyce Fotso is an Afro-folk musician ... versatile in her use of different African musical instruments and a soulful singer who digs deep into her psyche. She’s also very energetic as she dances and drums her way on the stage.

The combination of musicians Suzanna Owiyo with her Nyatiti and Aly Keita with his Balafon is formula for electrifying African music. The mastery of their individual musical instruments produce entertaining melodies.

The Nyatiti and the Balafon are two unique traditional musical instruments … and although coming from the opposite regions of Africa (Nyatiti: East Africa - Balafon: West Africa), the melody made was so unique and entertaining.

Others in the photos are Cameroonian Kareyce Fotso playing different traditional musical instruments ... and some African drumming from the Kigezi Ndoto: A Hook for Dreams musical.  

Suzanna Owiyo and her Nyatiti teams up with Aly Keita and his Balafon at Alliance Française de Nairobi to make great sounds of African music
Kenya's musician Suzzana Owiyo is an excellent Nyatiti player … the sounds of her eight-stringed African musical instrument (lyre) that comes from the Luo community of Kenya produces great sounds. Here she plucks her Nyatiti as she performs alongside Aly Keita in Nairobi
Aly Keita is an exceptional Balafon player and musician … his mastery of the instrument and the delightful melodies that he produces entertains highly. He created his Balafon with his own hands. He plays alongside Suzanna Owiyo as they electrified the audience in Nairobi

More African Musical Instruments

A lady drummer drums an African drum at the Kigezi Ndoto: A Hook For Dreams musical in Nairobi
Willie does some heavy African drumming at the Kigezi Ndoto: A Hook For Dreams musical in Nairobi
Happy African drumming at its best by two fine drummers in Nairobi Kenya during a musical performance
Kareyce Fotso plays a musical instrument as she sings soulfully
A lady drummer drums an African drum at the Kigezi Ndoto: A Hook For Dreams musical in Nairobi
Kareyce Fotso: Dancing and drumming an African drum happily and energetically on the stage
A man plays Karing'aring'a in a Kikuyu folk song

The pictures of African music performances displayed on this page are the copyright of Isaac Miriri.

I shot the photos during different music concerts and a musical at the Alliance Française in Nairobi.

I must admit that these are shows that I enjoyed greatly … this was mainly during my period with the Kenya Month of Photography that lasted several years at the center.

African music and the use of traditional musical instruments make for some delightful tunes.

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