The Intriguing African Cats

Kenya is home to the African Cats. These are the African lion, leopards, and cheetah. Of the various cats found here two of them make up the big five game of Africa.

Big cats in Africa include the African lion - Simba in Swahili who’s also king of the jungle.

Another notable member is the African cheetah and the stealth African leopard complete the big cats of Africa.

You can easily spot these cats in the Kenyan national parks,  game reserves, private and community wildlife conservancies.

It’s exciting to watch them in their natural habitat. It’s also wonderful seeing how they live and survive in the African wilderness.

A Kenya safari provides you with the original lion country safari, in the African wild where these cats roam freely.

Some past notable cats are Christian the lion and Elsa the lioness.

Christian The Lion was brought to Kenya from England in 1970 and returned to the wild by lion-man George Adamson.

Elsa the lioness was raised by George Adamson and his wife Joy Adamson.

African Lions drinking water in Kenya

The  cats of Africa are some of the most fascinating animals found in Kenya.

Films And TV Series On Various Cats Of Africa

There are various films and television series based on the big cats' life in the Kenyan wild and elsewhere in Africa. These documentary films and TV series are both entertaining and informative.

Some of the titles are documentaries filmed in the Kenyan wild.

The Disneynature African Cats Documentary Film

The Disneynature African Cats documentary film shows the day-to-today life of an African cheetah family consisting of a mother and her cubs. It also features a pride of African lions surviving at the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya for a span of twelve months.

The roaring of the lions and the sounds of the other wild animals starring in the documentary transport you to the amazing Masai Mara game reserve of the Kenya wilderness.

The African Cats Disneynature documentary film wallpaper

Others are Christian the Lion, Elsa the lioness ( Born Free and Living Free). Also available is the BBC’s Big Cat Diary series, mainly shot on location at the Masai Mara game reserve.

You can enjoy the big cats up close by visiting the African wild in Kenya. But if you can’t make it to the wild, then watch the films, TV series or read a book on any of the cats stories.

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